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Mastering the Art of Filmmaking

As a successful documentary film maker I have created, developed, written, produced and directed numerous internationally acclaimed documentary and nature programs.

I'm proud to have helped set the standards for independent PBS production and that my programs have educated and entertained millions of viewers. Some have even helped change the course of history.

My documentary films range from the politically charged Oscar nominated Building Bombs to the Emmy winning biography Earl Cunningham: The Dragon of St. George Street as wells as nature and wildlife programs such as the WNET - NATURE special Cats, one of the most watched programs in PBS history, and the award-winning PBS programs, For the Love of Manatees , Future Vision, Citrus Legacy and Archie Carr: In Praise of Wild Florida.

​I enjoy collaborating with filmmakers as a creative consultant on independent feature films and documentaries. My experience has helped numerous filmmakers develop their treatments, complete scripts and set realistic budgets and production schedules.  I  co-wrote and co-produced the feature film Deadly Species and wrote the screenplays Trance, Horrors Eve, Freedom, A Fish Story, and Making Moves.


Successful Film Projects

Silver Wings, Flying Dreams


Emmy nominated & winner of the Silver Telly for best documentary, this film tells the story of the WASP, the first women to pilot American Military aircraft and their 66 year struggle to be recognized for their service and sacrifices during World War II.

Deadly Species


When a wealthy big game hunter funds an expedition into the Florida Everglades in search of a lost tribe of Native Americans, they come face-to-face with mythical beasts that stalk and kill members of the group.  The truth behind the lost tribe must be discovered if any of them are to survive.

The Dragon of St. George St


 Earl Cunningham (1893–1977) was one of the premier folk artists of the twentieth century. This Emmy awarded documentary,Earl Cunningham: The Dragon of St George Street, reveals his genius as a folk modernist painter who used brilliant color typical of Matisse and Van Gogh, and his troubled life.  

Jerry Uelsmann: Visual Poetry


The creative genius that propels internationally acclaimed photographer and master of photomontage, Jerry Uelsmann, is revealed for the first time in this powerful documentary.



CATS, a one-hour WNET PBS special originally broadcast in 1986, reveals the history and behavior of the domestic cat while also comparing them to their larger and more feared relatives and shows why  cats have dominated human culture since the dawn of civilization. 

Florid's Citrus Legacy


Nowhere on earth, or perhaps even the heavens, has the “golden fruit” held more importance than in Florida, where citrus growing and processing has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  

For the Love of Manatees


You may know West Indian manatees as one of the most adorable and graceful creatures found in the warm waters of Florida. This documentary, winner of the Grand Image Award, showcases their personalities while revealing the dangers they face for survival.

Future Vision


Florida’s High Tech Corridor spans 23 counties across the state, connected by three research universities, more than 20 local and regional economic development organizations, 14 community and state colleges, 12 regional workforce boards and the thousands of innovative companies that call this region home. This award winning documentary traces Hi-Tech growth from the space race to simulations to major theme parks and  3-D digital gaming.

In Praise of Wild Florida


Archie Carr was an eminent naturalist, writer, conservationist, and world authority on sea turtles. Throughout his life he wrote on many aspects of natural history, but he was particularly entranced by the wildlife and ecosystems of Florida. This film uses Archie Carr's own words from his many essays to provide memorable details and anecdotes about the flora, fauna, and humans that have inhabited this colorful landscape. 

  • Earl Cunningham: The Dragon of St. George Street
  • Building Bombs
  • A Citrus Legacy
  • Future Vision

Documentary Programs

  • For the Love of Manatees
  • Writing in the Upward Years
  • Archie Carr: In Praise of Wild Florida
  • CATS

  • ​Fort Mose:  Fortress of Freedom
  • LIFE: Love Is For Everyone
  • Jerry Uelsmann: Visual Poetry
  • Silver Wings, Flying Dreams